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Condenser Mounts

Condenser Mounts

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Explore our range of mini-split A/C condenser mounting options, each designed to enhance your RV's climate system while on the move. 

1) Hitch Mount System for Specific Class C Motorhomes: Uniquely designed for the Winnebago View, Winnebago Navion, and Jayco Melbourne Series Class C Motorhomes, this hitch mount system is a perfect match. It not only aesthetically centers the condenser with the rear window but also maintains the vehicle's towing capacity. Ideal for flat-towing an auxiliary vehicle or carrying a large cargo rack, this system is both functional and stylish. The durable steel weldment is finished with a flat black powder coating, which can be easily repainted to suit your personal style. As the images will illustrate, it integrates seamlessly with your motorhome, offering a blend of utility and aesthetics.

2) Rear Bumper Mount System: Designed for convenience and durability, our Rear Bumper Mount system is the perfect choice for RV enthusiasts. Featuring robust construction and rubber vibration isolation dampeners, this mount securely attaches to your RV's rear bumper. The images showcase its sleek design and sturdy build, ensuring your mini-split A/C condenser stays safe and secure, even on rugged roads.

3) Rear Wall Mount System: Elevate your RV's climate control setup with our Rear Wall Mount system. This mounting option affixes directly to the rear wall of your RV, illustrated in the accompanying images. The rubber vibration isolation dampeners minimize noise and wear, providing a stable and unobtrusive installation. It's engineered to withstand the dynamic loads of RV and highway travel, ensuring your A/C condenser remains protected and efficient.

All options feature rubber vibration isolation dampeners and are engineered to withstand the rigors of RV and highway life. Choose the perfect fit for your RV model and lifestyle!

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