AUX Power Connection Kit

AUX Power Connection Kit

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Use your RV as a backup power source for your residence.

Harness energy from almost any HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), EV (Electric Vehicle), or auxiliary PV (photovoltaic) solar array with this enhancement to your Off-Grid RVs Power System.

Key Features:

  • Power Your Residence: Enables your Off-Grid RV to become a backup/primary power source for your home.
  • Broad PV Array Compatibility: Connects with various types of auxiliary PV arrays.
  • Expanded Power Sources: Increases the available power for your RV or residence.
  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly pairs with the AUX VDC Power Input for a unified system.
  • Versatile Energy Solution: Ideal for augmenting your power supply in multiple settings.

This kit is not just adding a component; you're expanding the possibilities of your energy independence, ensuring a reliable power source for both your RV and residence.

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