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Battery Cables

Battery Cables

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Not sure about the length or size you need? Reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in finding the perfect fit for your Off-Grid RV.

Ready for use with 48V LiFePO4 battery and Sol-Ark All-in-One Inverters. This listing includes a pair of cables: 1 red and 1 black, ideally sized for your setup.

Invest in our premium battery cable for unparalleled power efficiency and durability, a crucial component for the discerning off-grid traveler. These are top-of-the-line OFC Copper Battery Cable. Expertly crafted in the USA, this cable features 100% OFC copper, ensuring optimal power delivery. Expert Construction for Superior Performance:
  • Pure OFC Copper: Full AWG wire gauge size for maximum efficiency.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Lugs: Tin-plated copper lugs and top post terminals for durability.
  • Precision Crimping: UL-approved crimping for secure connections.
  • Protective Heat Shrink Tubing: Adhesive-lined for air and moisture resistance, color-matched for cable integrity.
Advanced Specifications for Diverse Applications:
  • Extreme Flexibility: Designed to remain pliable in various environments.
  • High-Quality Insulation: Weather-resistant jacket, effective from -49C to 105C.
  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant: Withstands harsh conditions, perfect for automotive, marine, solar, and other demanding uses.
  • SAE, ABYC, and USCG Approved: Meets rigorous standards for safety and reliability.
Unmatched Benefits:
  • Superior to Welding Cable: Full AWG size copper conductor and TPE jacket, outperforming standard EPDM.
  • Advantage Over CCA Power Wire: Real copper provides better conductivity than Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) options.


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